Simplicity and Riccar vacuum cleaners. proudly made in the USA!


  • Simplicity Freedom Motor - D113-1400

    Simplicity Freedom Motor - D113-1400

    OEM Part Old Part #D113-1400, C113-1400

    This motor ONLY fits the Simplicity Freedom Upright model F3700 and the Riccar Supra-Lite Upright model RSL5(RSL-5).

    The motor also may have AMETEK 122128-00 printed on it.

    $84.25 save 5%
  • Simplicity Freedom Motor - D113-1500

    Simplicity Freedom Motor - D113-1500

    OEM Part Old Part # D113-1500, C113-1200C, C113-1300, C113-1200, C113-0000, D113-1300

    This motor fits Simplicity Freedom Uprights models F3300, F3400, F3500, F3600, S10E, S10S, S10D, S10P, as well as the Riccar Supra-Lite Upright models RSL1, RSL1A, RSL3, and RSL4.

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  • Simplicity Freedom Outer Bag - D211-6100

    Simplicity Freedom Outer Bag - D211-6100

    OEM Part #B211-3400B, D211-6100, B211-2900.

    This outer bag will fit ALL Simplicity Freedom models : F3300, F3400, F3100, F3500, F3600, F3700.

    Genuine Simplicity outer bag.

    $58.61 save 5%
  • Simplicity Freedom Rug Plate - B015-2014

    Simplicity Freedom Rug Plate - B015-2014

    OEM Part #B015-2014

    This is the bottom plate (rug plate) for the Simplicity Freedom and Riccar Supra-Lite 8 pound upright vacuum cleaners including the F3500, F3600, F3700, RSL3, RSL4, RSL5.

    NOTE: If you have had difficulty pushing your Freedom or Supra-Lite vacuum through thicker carpet AND your model number is F3600, F3700, F3700C, or F3700.SAND, or the RSL5, RSL5-SAND then you'll want to check this rug plate out as an alternative.

    $19.95 save 35%
  • Simplicity Freedom Rug Plate - D015-2914

    Simplicity Freedom Rug Plate - D015-2914

    OEM Part #D015-2914, B015-3114, B015-2500.

    This is the bottom rug plate for the Simplicity Freedom F3500, F3600, F3700, F3700C, and F3700-SAND, as well as the Riccar RSL5 and RSL5-SAND.

    If your carpet is the new Mohawk EverStrand or the Shaw Anso Caress carpet, you will find that there are virtually no vacuum cleaners that can push through this carpet other than the Simplicity Freedom WITH this rug plate.

    ULW Base plate with Improved Edge Cleaning. If you are experiencing difficulty pushing your Freedom vacuum through thicker carpets, then this new bottom plate should help!

    This is the new (8/23/2013) rug plate, It has been redesigned to improve edge cleaning performance and enhance ease of pushing. An extended edge cleaning feature has been added, and channels have been added at the front and side of the base plate to promote airflow. This will prevent the base plate from sealing to the carpet which will improve ease of push.

    NOTE: You might also need this item as well - It is a Frieze Carpet adaptor for these machines.

    $24.95 save 20%
  • Simplicity Freedom Switch - A028-0014

    Simplicity Freedom Switch - A028-0014

    OEM Part #A028-0014.

    This item fits the Simplicity Freedom F3300, SF1, S10E and the Riccar RSL1, RSL1A.

    It is item #24 in the image.
    $11.95 save 17%
  • Simplicity Freedom Switch Pedal Cover - B028-0014

    Simplicity Freedom Switch Pedal Cover - B028-0014

    OEM Part #B028-0014.

    This item fits the Simplicity Freedom F3300, SF1, and the Riccar RSL1, RSL1A.

    It is item #3 in the image.
    $4.95 save 40%
  • Simplicity Freedom ULW Series Carry Handle - B220-6214

    Simplicity Freedom ULW Series Carry Handle - B220-6214

    OEM Part #B220-6214.

    Because the Simplicity S10 series ULW vacuums and the Riccar R10 vacuum cleaners can be difficult to pick up do to the new design with the hard shell bag, a carrying handle has been added in production starting at the serial numbers indicated in the list below.

    *Please note that this handle is NOT approved for use with Maytag ULW’s at this time.

    If your serial number in earlier than these numbers, then your machine never came with this carrying handle to begin with.

    Model : Serial Number
    R10S : 0414003265
    S10S : 0514003533

    R10D : 0514002229
    S10D : 0414002073

    R10P : 0414002655
    S10P : 0414002504

    R10SAND : 0414001327
    S10SAND : 0414001450

    1) Unstrap the hard shell bag from the lower handle duct assembly as shown in Fig. A.
    2) Work the carry handle around the handle duct as shown in Fig. B.
    3) Slide the handle up until it is positioned as shown in Fig. C.
    3) Use A732-8314 screw to secure the carry handle to the duct. (Fig. D.)
    4) Strap the hard shell bag to the handle duct.

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  • Simplicity Front Motor Mount - 7000 Series - B123-1300

    Simplicity Front Motor Mount - 7000 Series - B123-1300

    Metal Pivot Sleeve - OEM Part #B123-1300, C27

    Front motor mount (where belt pulley fits through) for the Simplicity 7350, 7800, 7850, 7400, 7450.

    In the picture, this item is number 7 and meshes with the metal bracket that fits through and mounts onto the lower brush nozzle housing.

    Also, here is the complete schematic of parts for the Simplicity 7350.

    $7.95 save 25%
  • Simplicity Furniture Guard - B029-0314

    Simplicity Furniture Guard - B029-0314

    OEM Part #B029-0314

    This is the rubber bumper or furniture guard for ALL Simplicity Freedom and ALL Riccar Ultalight and Supralite models. This would include the Simplicity F3300, F3400, F3500, F3600, F3700.

    It is #3 in the image.
    $5.20 save 5%
  • Simplicity Garment Steamer SHCST1

    Simplicity Garment Steamer SHCST1

    # Steams in 45 seconds
    # 2 liter tank for 60 minutes of continuous steam
    # 1350w capacity
    # Lightweight with a retractable handle for easy portability and storage
    # Crease attachment to add professional-looking creases in pants and shirts
    # Flexible hose, telescoping pole and 6 ft. power cord make it easy to steam large items like drapes
    $69.99 save 14%
  • Simplicity Handle Assembly - D431-1014

    Simplicity Handle Assembly - D431-1014

    OEM Part #D431-1014

    It is the complete assmebly (#1 in the picture).

    This is the handle assembly for the Simplicity SYME, SYMET, SYMCL, SYMST.

    This also fits most of the older 6 Series models including the 6870, 6970, etc. The only issue is we can't guarantee a color match with your model.

    The handles everything except item #8.

    $73.67 save 5%