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  • Cirrus Lightweight Steam Mop - C-CR29

    Cirrus Lightweight Steam Mop - C-CR29

    OEM Part #C-CR29, SM105

    This is a light weight variable speed output control - 1500w 550ml Steamer for hard floor cleaning.

    It has a folding handle for easy storage and a head that swivels 180 degrees. 16' cord.

    Includes 2 micro-fiber pads and has a one year warranty.
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  • Gruene 2 in 1 Multi Purpose Steam Mop & Cleaner

    Gruene 2 in 1 Multi Purpose Steam Mop & Cleaner

    GrueneSteam Cleaning System

    The Gruene Steam Mop and Hand Cleaner is the answer to your household steam cleaning needs.

    If it is floors you are tackling, simply fill the water tank, and seconds later steam is at your fingertips. Using steam means that you can toss out that bulky, messy, mop and bucket and trade it in for a better way to clean. Never again will you barricade the kitchen while you wait for floors to dry, when you use Gruene Steam the floors practically dry as you go. If you have children and pets you will love that Gruene Steam is chemical free system.

    Perhaps one of the most unique and innovative features of the Gruene Steam Mop and Hand Cleaner is its ability to convert to a hand steamer. Unlock and remove the center section, and viola! The Gruene Steam Hand Steamer comes with 10 attachments. When attached to the hand steamer these tools make even the toughest jobs a breeze.

    Take for instance the Garment attachment, this tool can be used to steam the wrinkles out of clothes, lift stains off mattresses, and even remove wallpaper. The small, large, and angled nylon brushes can be used for anything from removing stains and mildew from tile or grout to cleaning counter tops and sinks.

    Don’t forget, steam is nature’s disinfectant so when you use Gruene Steam you sanitize as you clean!

    GrueneSteam Deluxe Tool Set:

    The GrueneSteam tool set contains all of the tools you will need to tackle many of your toughest household tasks.

    * Squeegee Hand Tool - Designed to make quick work of cleaning windows and mirrors.
    * Garment Hand Tool - Great for taking wrinkles out of clothes and curtains. It also works great for sanitizing matresses,
    * Nylon Brush Set - Includes three brushes to handle most of your cleaning needs. Large Brush for wide coverage. Great for scrubbing tile and grout lines. Triangle and Detail head brushes for getting into tight spaces.
    * Wire Brush - Makes short work of cleaning golf clubs. Designed to take the elbow grease out of those really tough jobs.
    * Scraper Nozzle - Perfect for removing wallpaper. Seriously it cuts the job in half.

    * Color: Hunter Green and Black
    * Size: 46in. H X 7in. W 11in. at Mop Head
    * Voltage: 120 V
    * Watts: 1500W
    * Cord Length: 20’
    * Steams @ 212 degrees Fahrenheit
    * Tank Capacity: 470 ML (15.89 fl. oz.)
    * Weight: (Entire Unit) 8 lbs.
    * Weight: (Hand Steamer Alone) 3lbs.
    * Heat up time: 30 sec.
    * Operating Time: Continuous steam (8-12 min per tank)

    Owners Manual

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  • Vapamore AMICO Handheld Steam Cleaner - MR-75

    Vapamore AMICO Handheld Steam Cleaner - MR-75

    OEM Part #MR-75.

    The Vapamore MR-75 Amico hand held portable steam cleaning system was designed to clean and sanitize your entire home using the power of steam.

    The Amico eliminates the need for toxic and expensive cleaning chemicals and includes the largest array of accessories and attachments, more than any other hand held steam cleaner available.

    The cleaning possibilities are endless, from kitchen sinks to the BBQ grill, the Amico is the right choice for any cleaning job.

    The MR-75 Amico was built for a lifetime of use and is backed by Vapamore’s exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

    Model: MR-75 AMICO
    Power Supply: 115 V 60 Hz
    Heating Element: 1000 W
    Steam Pressure: 3.0 bar - 43.5 psi
    Boiler Temp: 99 C - 210° F
    Tank Capacity: 200 ml - .21 qt
    Heating Time: 4 min
    Power Cord LG: 10 ft
    Weight: 1.5 kg -3.5 lb
    Certification: ETL
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  • Vapamore MR-100 Primo All-Purpose Steam Cleaner

    Vapamore MR-100 Primo All-Purpose Steam Cleaner

    Are you suffering from a bed bug invasion? The Vapamore MR-100 is one of the best weapons you can use when battling bedbugs.

    The Vapamore® MR-100 Primo is a multi-use Vapor Steam Cleaner that uses the power of steam to clean and sanitize.

    No need to use harsh chemicals or detergents! It ONLY uses only purified water.

    It is the perfect non-chemical, green cleaning solution for carpets, bedding, and any other hard surface cleaner currently priced under $400.

    The Vapamore MR-100 PRIMO is a complete cleaning system made to clean and sanitize your entire home using the power of steam, eliminating the need for toxic and expensive cleaning chemicals. The cleaning possibilities are limitless with the wide range of included accessories and attachments. The MR-100 PRIMO is made for a lifetime of use, backed by an exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

    The PRIMO features include an exclusive patented style and ergonomic design with a sturdy chassis and casing featuring an internal insulated heat shield for efficient heating and safety; Corrosion resistant stainless steel boiler; Intuitive operation with adjustable steam output and operation indicator lights with easy to read labeling; Cheme solenoid to eliminate water and condensation build up in the steam hose; Accessories and attachments twist and lock securely in place; Three Extension tubes with a storage hook for quick and easy set up and storage; Dual sided micro fiber floor cleaning cloth with insulated thermal core; Comfortable padded steam gun rubber handle grip; Solid rubberized wheels; 18 foot retractable power cord; On board accessories storage compartment; Balanced carrying handle with rubber grip.

    The MR-100 PRIMO design features are based on consumer feedback to enhance usability, durability and easy operation. All this combined with Vapamore's high level of customer and product support making the MR-100 PRIMO, hands down the best steam cleaner available.

    Included Accessories:

    The detail adapter can be as is or with the jet nozzle accessory for hard to reach areas such as toilet seat hinges, bathroom or kitchen fixtures and faucets, or any other hard to reach areas. These jet tips also work great for spot treating fabric stains and even cleaning jewelry.

    The clothes / fabric smooth surface attachment provides dual functions; as a squeegee it can be used for cleaning and sanitizing granite counter tops, kitchen counters, cleaning shower doors or any smooth surface area.

    With the cotton cover it is used as a clothing / fabric steamer for removing wrinkles from clothing or other fabrics, spot treating furniture or freshening up pillows and bedding. Another important function bed bug and dust mite treatment.

    The scraper attachment is great for removing stuck on food from ovens and ceramic stove tops, as well as removing shelving paper and wall paper.

    Accessories are conveniently stored on board for easy access.
    The metal brush can be used to clean BBQ' and oven grills, stains on cement or hard surfaces, or anywhere a strong brass brush would be used. The nylon brushes remove dirt, grease, grime and even soap scum or any place that requires light to medium scrubbing.

    The floor cleaning head with the micro fiber cover cleans and sanitizes smooth surface floors such as tile, travertine, wood or even laminate floors.

    Using the floor cleaning head without the micro fiber cover to scrub shower walls, tile floors, grouted floors, cement, or stained area. It may also be used for bedbug and dust mite treatment on a larger surface such as a mattress, or carpeting.

    Steam is not only effective for removing dirt and stains; it also eliminates bacteria, fungus, mold, and dust mites.
    Because steam contains only 5% moisture, your surfaces are never left with any kind of chemical or water residue.
    If you suffer from asthma or have multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) or allergies to common cleaning solutions then this cleaner
    is going to be the perfect solution.

    Perfect tool for removing stains, mold, mildew, grease, dirt, grime, soap scum and odors.

    The Vapamore MR-100 also includes a wide range of attachments to clean virtually anything.

    ETL listed ensuring consumer safety
    1500w heating element
    7 cup capacity, stainless boiler, up to 50 minute operation time
    Adjustable pressure control for delicate items
    Convenient on-board accessory storage.

    The Vapamore MR-100 Vapor Steam Cleaner is a great value with an unlimited range of applications.

    Product Information:

    Model: MR-100 Primo
    Power Supply: 120V 60Hz
    Heating Element: 1500W
    Steam Pressure: 54 PSI*
    Nozzle Tip Temp: 210º - 220º F
    Permissible Pressure: 3.5 bar
    Boiler Capacity: 1.6 liters
    Operation Time: 50 min/tank*
    Heating Time: 11 min
    Steam Flow Rate: 40g/min*
    Sound Level: 30dB(A)
    Weight: 11 lb
    Boiler Material: Stainless Steel
    Power Cord Length: 18'
    Steam Hose Length: 6'
    Weight: 10.5lbs
    Certificates: ETL


    Here is a link to the official Vapamore page for usage and features videos

    $399.00 save 25%
  • Vapamore Portable Steam Vac - MR-50

    Vapamore Portable Steam Vac - MR-50

    Part #MR-50.

    The Vapamore MR-50 Steam Vac is the absolutely the best portable wet/dry hand vacuum and steam cleaner on the market today.

    This unit is the best one for removing wet or set-in pet stains. If you catch it quick enough it will cleansspills instantly before any permament staining has a chance to set in.

    The steam function can be used to remove set in stains and spots from carpets and upholstery.

    The steaming function has two operating modes:

    1. Instant high temperature dry vapor steam for general cleaning.
    2.Wet steam mode for set stains and spills.


    Vacuum Pressure: .05bar
    Heating Element: 1300w
    Steam Pressure: 1.2bar
    Water Capacity: 300cc
    Heat Time 20-30sec
    Steam Exit Temp: 210ºFb
    Weight: 4.8 Lbs
    Power Cord Length: 10ft
    Package Dims: 22x6x8in
    Shipping Weight: 6Lbs
    ETL Certified

    This machine comes with a one year warranty as well!

    Here are some videos about the Vapamore MR-50 and their other products.

    $199.95 save 25%