Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

Vacuum cleaner attachments for cleaning bare floors, upholstery, stairs, steps, and carpeting.


  • RugRat Turbine Power Hand Brush - Rug Rat - 470

    RugRat Turbine Power Hand Brush - Rug Rat - 470

    High speed rotary agitator brush cleans and grooms carpeting, steps, upholstery, and auto interiors.

    The RugRat high speed turbine power agitator brush (RugRat Turbine Brush with the exclusive TurboFlex agitator) operates by vacuum and requires no batteries or electric cords. It is the little brother to the Ultra TP210 or the Turbo Zoom Ex.

    Fits all standard portables and built-in vacuum systems.

    OEM Part #6971

    Rug Rat, Rugrat

    $69.95 save 30%
  • Shutter Plantation Blind Tool for all Vacuum Hoses - 403PBL

    Shutter Plantation Blind Tool for all Vacuum Hoses - 403PBL

    Vacuum accessory for faster and more effective than messy wiping or dusting.

    Unique electrostatic brushes slide easily between slats (up to 2.25 inches wide), attracting dust and particles like a magnet.
    Special air vent sucks up dust in seconds.

    You'll never be a slave to messy wiping and dusting chores again. Washable, lightweight.

    Includes adapters to fit any perfectly round vacuum hose and/or wand.

    This tool will fit most standard American Fit-All 1 1/4" attachment systems. It will not work with the European Systems without the use of this adapter.

    $14.95 save 12%
  • Standard Crevice Tool - 405

    Standard Crevice Tool - 405

    This is what we call a fit-all crevice tool.

    This is the standard 1 1/4" fit-all fitting.

    Works great for very narrow places such as window tracks, behind the sofa, the carpet along the baseboard edge, and tight places inside the car.

    PLEASE NOTE: The crevice tool shown may not look quite like the one you receive.
    $4.12 save 4%
  • Top Dog Groomer Pet Brush - Vacuum Attachment - 403PB

    Top Dog Groomer Pet Brush - Vacuum Attachment - 403PB

    Two pet grooming attachments for the price of one! You get a stiff-bristled attachment for getting tough tangles out, and you also get a softer brush your pet will love!

    This tool is great for keeping dog and cat hairs off of your furniture, carpets, bedspreads, and clothes.

    If your dog or cat can tolerate the noise from your vacuum cleaner, you can groom your pet while removing the loose hairs!
    The brush separates, lifts and removes loose fur and debris from your pet's coat, leaving a tangle-free fresh groomed look while giving the skin a chance to breathe.

    * Simply connects to the hose of any vacuum cleaner to quickly remove all the unwanted hair from your pet
    * Shed fur is removed and deposited directly into the vacuum cleaner's bag while grooming
    * Includes two interchangeable grooming heads, a pin-comb grooming head for long haired breeds or the bristled brush head for short haired breeds, that can be changed by the push of a button.
    * Allows routine grooming that will keep your pet's coat clean and healthy, removing unwanted matting and debris, and distributing natural oils throughout the pet's coat.

    The unwanted hairs go directly from your dog and cat's coat into your vacuum before settling around your home.
    The comb removes deep-down hair and undercoating, bringing them to the surface for removal.

    This tool will fit most standard American Fit-All 1 1/4" attachment systems. It will not work with the European Systems (specifically Miele) without the use of this adapter.

    This is a standard attachment connection that will hook up to just about any central vacuum system as well as most standard 1 1/4" hoses or wand connectors with an outside measurement of 1 1/4". This means that it will hook up to just about any canister or upright with a hose and wand IF it uses an 1/14" wand.

    Most pets will enjoy the feeling of being brushed and feeling of the air!

    TopDog Groomer, 403PB

    $34.95 save 28%
  • TurboCat Air Driven Brush for all Central Vacuums - TP210

    TurboCat Air Driven Brush for all Central Vacuums - TP210

    The top selling 12.5-inch wide air-driven central vacuum HP TurboCat (aka TurboCat II, TurboCat Plus, TL2000, T210, and Ultra TP210 - coming in a variety of colors). Without electrcity, vacuum air spins the beater brush for deep carpet grooming. Use regular non-button lock extension wands, not included.

    TurboCat for Power, Performance and Maneuverability:
    TurboCat is the best turbine power head for central cleaning systems and canister vacuums. It offers responsiveness, maneuverability and a lighter, exciting cleaning spirit compared to some cumbersome, heavier electric power heads. And it's protected with a One-Year limited Warranty.

    The turbine-driven TurboCat like a turbine engine, has power to spare. This turbine wheel, whirling at a high RPM, generates the turbulence needed for a superior cleaning performance. The shaft support on the turbine is designed to prevent hair and other debris from causing belt breakage.

    Turboflex® Agitator:
    The Turboflex Agitator beats the carpet and scoops up deep-down embedded dirt. Unique four-way cleaning action and turbine power combine for maximum cleaning performance. The perfect powerhead for central cleaning systems and canister vacuums.

    Double-Edge Cleaning:
    TurboCat features double edge-cleaning instead of the ordinary side ports found in many vacuum cleaners and power heads.
    Engineers have ingeniously designed the TurboCat system so that both side edges flanking the Turboflex Agitator pick up dirt right to the carpet-cleaning unit.

    Light, Responsive and Maneuverable:
    Engineers have designed the TurboCat for cleaning efficiency and easy handling. Its low, low profile and classy aerodynamically shaped body glides, responds and maneuvers under, over and around the entire house. It weights only 4.3 pounds!

    Cogged Belt Reduces Slippage:
    The turbine energy is channeled to the high velocity Turboflex Agitator through a cogged drive belt. This specially designed cogged belt reduces slippage for more consistent performance, and outlives conventional flat belts used on electrics. This also reduces the inconvenience of replacement as our cogged belt lasts considerably longer.

    $179.95 save 44%
  • Turbocat EX Air Driven Carpet Power Nozzle

    Turbocat EX Air Driven Carpet Power Nozzle

    Turbocat EX

    You'll love the sleek contemporary look and brilliant color of the new Turbocat EX by H-P Products. Remove embedded dust and dirt more effectively. Maneuver with ease under and around furniture. And enjoy the peace and quiet. There's never been a quieter, more powerful turbine powerhead than the Turbocat EX. Our exclusive Z-Tech Design delivers these benefits and more:

    * Exclusive Vac-N-Groom brush roller features dual bristles for more thorough cleaning.
    * Multi-port base plate and expanded air intake improve vacuum power and cleaning performance.
    * Soft Pro-Tech bumper protects furniture from damage.
    * Easy-glide front rollers improve maneuverability.
    * Run-silent bearing isolators and silent drive, non-slip belt ensure quieter operation.
    * Sleek low profile and 13' wide vacuum path provides edge-to-edge cleaning.

    NOTE: The only difference between the TurboCat Zoom and the TurboCat EX is in the brush pattern. If you have a high vacuum pressure central vacuum system, then we recommend the this unit. If your central vacuum system is not as powerful, then we recommend the TurboCat Zoom.

    A.E. Part# PHP8705

    $179.95 save 34%
  • Upper Wand - Kenmore - T3001

    Upper Wand - Kenmore - T3001

    This is the wand for the most common Kenmore, Panasonic, Simplicity 8100, and Hayden Central Vacuum systems on the market.

    Sometimes the plastic pieces on the wand are ivory in color - usually gray.

    AE Carter Part #HM4170U2, MD MFG Part #406H

    The wand measures 17 1/2-inches long.

    The top button hole starts 3/8 inch down from top of wand and the button nipple starts 1 5/16 inch up from the bottom of the wand.

    This wand also fits the Sears Kenmore PowerMate #4148753.

    $19.95 save 25%
  • Vinyl Bare Floor Tool with Brushes 9.5" wide - 10.015

    Vinyl Bare Floor Tool with Brushes 9.5" wide - 10.015

    This natural bristle bare floor tool is ideal for any hard surface floor cleaning.

    NOTE: Sometimes this is shipped in black instead of cream as shown picture.

    This is a fit-all tool that will work with most any standard attachment system that uses the standard 1.25 inch (1 1/4") sized wands.

    This tool is 9.5 inches wide (9.5")

    VacPro Part #10.015

    ESSCO Part #FABF-M

    $22.95 save 13%