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  • EBK 360 Soft-Clean Electric Carpet Nozzle

    EBK 360 Soft-Clean Electric Carpet Nozzle

    OEM Part # EBK360, EBK 360.

    If you have a built-in central vacuum system and find that your current motorized carpet nozzle just won't push through the carpet, then check out this new nozzle from Wessel-Werk.

    Soft carpeting is a new carpet trend that is currently sweeping the market. Soft carpets pertain to ultra-plush carpet that normal vacuum brushes have trouble vacuuming over.

    Here is a list of just a few of the carpets that the Soft-Clean is designed to work with:

    • Beaulieu SoftSense fiber for Bliss carpets
    • SmartStrand Silk for Mohawk Carpets
    • Caress for Shaw Carpets
    • Softspring for Platinum Plus Carpets
    • Stainmaster for TruSoft Carpets
    • PureSoft Cashmere for Dream Weaver Carpets

    LED Headlight
    Extremely durable, long lasting LED Headlight will not fail like conventional incandescent lamps. High output LEDs guarantees superior illumination.

    Height Adjustment
    The unique height adjustment pedal offers 5 carpet height settings. The EBK 360 height adjustment can accommodate virtually all carpet piles/densities/thicknesses.

    Large Intake Orifice
    Dramatically reduces the chances of clogging and increases air flow to achieve enhanced effectiveness. The sculpted chevron brush roll guides debris towards intake orifice; provides constant and even brush contact to the floor; reduces wear and prolongs the life of the belt, bearings, motor, etc.


    Pivot and Swivel neck, fully articulating
    Locking neck assembly with neck release pedal
    Height Adjustment Pedal with Height Indicator
    Glass-fiber reinforced long-life cogged belt
    Sculpted Brush Roll, Chevron/V-shaped Brush Configuration
    QDC -Quick Disconnect Neck
    4 soft wheels, air-flow control wiper blade
    Long lasting LED Headlight

    $299.95 save 17%