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  • Sharp Upright Motor Carbon Brushes

    Sharp Upright Motor Carbon Brushes

    Carbon Motor Brush for Sharp Upright Vacuum Cleaners with 2 stage motors.

    Carbons are sold INDIVIDUALLY and sometimes are blue, black or white in color.


    Sometimes these carbons are black with a number 19 printed on the side of the carbon material.

    This carbon brush fits MANY vacuum motors. Simplicity, Sharp, Panasonic, and numerous Lamb-Ametek motors use this carbon.

    This carbon brush measures (just the carbon part) 3/8" X 1/4" and is about 1" in length (sticking out) out of the metal barrel when brand new.

    The carbon brush frame (plastic - blue in picture) measures about 1 1/2" X 1/2" X 3/4"

    This carbon brush also fits these models:
    Simplicity 5000 Series - models 5000, 5000A, 5000B, 5200, 5200A, 5200B.

    Simplicity 7 Series - models 7700, 7750, 7850
    7000 Series - models 7200, 7250, 7300, 7350, 7400, 7450, 7900, 7950

    Also fits Riccar 8900, 8920, 8905, 8955, 8925 Models

    T NR 2311480

    A.E. Carter Part #PL33430-12, 117135-00

    VacPro Part #L25

    NOTE: Color of the plastic frame WILL vary!

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  • WoolClean - Spot Removal Kit

    WoolClean - Spot Removal Kit

    Wools of New Zealand WoolClean Spot Removal Kit was created in cooperation with a supplier for the professional carpet cleaning industry. The products were designed specifically for wool carpets and rugs, though they also perform exceptionally well on floor coverings of other fibers.

    WoolClean contains three cleaning products, a white absorbent terry cloth and an instruction booklet. The trio of spot-removing products include WoolClean #1 for water-based stains, WoolClean #2 for oil-based stains and Absorb-It to absorb spills initially or to use as a final step to absorb residuals.

    The WoolClean Spot Removal Kit consists of three components plus an instruction guide and a white absorbent cloth.

    The elements of the kit are:

    WoolClean Spot RemoverTM for water-based spills and spots

    WoolClean Spot Dry RemoverTM for grease and oil-based spots

    Absorb-itTM is an extremely absorbent compound used to absorb spills initially or to use as a final step in spot removal to absorb any residual material as the carpet dries.

    Here is a handy guide for using these products.

    Extensive research and testing has gone into the development of these products.
    All products in the kit carry the Woolsafe approved logo.

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