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Riccar vacuum cleaners - since 1985.

Riccar R25S Premium Pet Clean Air Vacuum Cleaner

Riccar R25P Premium Pet Clean Air Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Outstanding maneuverability plus premium particle filtration and odor control, dirt sensor and pet hair remover tool.

The R25 Pet vacuum provides a world-class cleaning experience on bare floors to plush carpets and everything in between. Using Clean Air technology, it's also built to provide powerful suction using tools.

  • Electrostatic Exhaust Filter

    With a top-loading HEPA media bag captures more dust and locks in particles like dust, dander and pet hair.

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • $499.99

    We give a 60 day price guaranty.

Easy to use? Most certainly. The R25 was designed to be a delight to use from handle to wheels. With switches at your fingertips, caster wheels for ultimate pivoting and intelligent tool configuration, Riccar covered it all. Plus it includes bright LED lights, an ultra-low profile nozzle and lays flat for cleaning under beds and furniture.

360 Turning - No more awkward pivoting with simple 360-degree rotation.

Self-Sealing HEPA Media Bag - Meets HEPA filtration standard of 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns. Self-sealing bags are simple to attach and remove for clean disposal.

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