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Riccar vacuum cleaners - since 1985.

Riccar R21 Spirit Vacuum Cleaner

Riccar R21 Spirit Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Great maneuverability plus great filtration and incredible durability!

The R21 Spirit vacuum is based on an older series made by Riccar and Simplicity macny years ago. It was so well built that most built in the early 2000s are still being used

  • Exhaust HEPA Filter

    Uses very affordable and common bags.

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • $499.99

    We give a 60 day price guaranty.

Easy to use? Absolutely! The R21 was designed to be easy to use from handle to wheels. With switches at your fingertips, Riccar brought this classic vacuum back.

Extra long attachment hose, 2 year warranty and a well known, durable design means that you'll get many years - possibly decades of use from this vacuum cleaner.

Affordable and easy bag to change with a HEPA filter on the exhaust means effective vacuum cleaning of your carpets. Additionally, the machine has a non-mark bumper - saving your walls and furniture.

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